Our Commitment towards society

The Fund will be designated as an Article 8 under SFDR where it will promote certain environmental and social characteristics as defined in the Annex II of the Fund’s Private Placement Memorandum.

The Fund has a clear ESG mission, vision and values that are fully aligned with the business model and strategy, contributing to a sustainable future. The vehicle promotes a range of environmental and social characteristics through some of the direct and indirect investments it makes

Environmental considerations include a reduction on the exposure to energy inefficient buildings and exposure to fossil fuels through real estate. Such exposure is mitigated through a long-term carbon reduction target (net zero carbon by 2040) together with a benchmark/objective on the EPC energy performance certificate of the underlying properties. Additionally, the Fund aims to measure water consumption and waste management against objectives and KPIs set by BREEAM in use (Part 1 and 2) certification..

With respect to the social and community focuses of the Fund, these matters are fully integrated in the Fund’s business plan through the certification of the portfolio via the Well HS certification and the plan to measure the impact of the Fund’s social value against the “Value to Society” benchmark.